Japan Artcraft introduces famous Japanese craftwork Edokiriko

Japanese Traditional Glassware Edokiriko

Japanese Bohemian Glass Edokiriko

  • 開花 kaika
  • Old Amber
  • 菊籠目 kikukagome
  • Crack

What is Edokiriko

The name "Edo" originates in the Edo period that lasted from 1603 to 1868. Edokiriko is a Japanese traditional glass which is made of clear lead glass sculptured with rasp, gold and sand. All of furring scrimshaw, processing and polishing are done neatly by hand. However, as unfortunate as it is, some Edokiriko are neither made in Japan nor handmade.

Feature of handmade Edokiriko is dynamic but neat and twinkle like a diamond. It is very obvious at a glance whether the glass craft is handmade or mass produced. One of the most discriminative feature of Edokiriko is the skill of carving glass that are nicely and meticulously sculpted. This cannot be expressed by a machine. Edokiriko's glass work is patterned with mysterious firework, flame and beatutiful flowers such as chrysanth, those of which are used in Japanese traditional cloth "Kimono".

Drinking glasses, plates, vases, ashtrays and numerous other items are still being handmade in this Japanese traditional method. Edokiriko has inherited Japanese tradition and the craftsman has put their soul into the Edokiriko itself so they turn out to be the greatest Edokiriko. Please take Edokiriko in your own hands to see them for yourself.

History of Edokiriko

The original Edokiriko was made by Kyube Kaga who was a workman at a glass store in 1834 at the end of Edo period. Kyube Kaga used emery sand to sculpt and decorate the surface of the glasses. The history of carving glass started developing after the end of Edo shogunal period where a national isolation emerged. In 1881, Japan invited British glass craftworkers to import the latest carving technology and that was the start of the modern glass carving technique.

Edokiriko is an outcome of a beautiful fusion between Edo workman's technique and British and Irelands carving technique. The delicate use of hands by the Japanese people made it possible to make the Edokiriko distinct from the glasses of other countries. Edokiriko is a very famous craftwork not only for the people of Japan but also for all the visitors from foreign countries.

Japanese traditional craftwork

Craftwork that are so called “Japanese traditional craftwork” were designated by the Japanese government. Japanese government has set some specified requirements to inherit the Japanese traditional glassware technique. To be approved as traditional artcraft, following criteria must be met.

  • - Manufactured with Japanese traditional technique.
  • - Using the same primary materials as before.
  • - Usable in everyday life.
  • - Main portion of the product are made by hand.
  • - Regional product.

Designated traditional craftwork has carried on its originality for more than a century. Japanese government has designated Japanese traditional craftwork of about 250 species as of today.

To make Edokiriko

"Kiriko" is a technique to cut the surface of glass with metals and grind rocks. Edokiriko was made by this unique technique. It does not use draft when carving glasses, the workman simply rely on the remarks and spots to carve them with traditional and precise design. In other words, the workman use only their eyes, hands, and instinct to manufacture the Edokiriko. The following is the manufacturing process.

  • Marking
    Mark rough indication of vertical and horizontal lines on the glass with oil paint.
  • Rough grinding
    Roughly engrave lines with the diamonded wheel.
  • Neat grinding
    Engrave more delicate lines and designs using smaller diamonded wheelv
  • Smoothing
    Final carving step to cut and decorate with watered grind stones and natural stones.
  • Polishing
    Polish the glass with wood board and rubber board with abrasive powder. Some of the glasses are polished with acid which is soaked into chemical fluid.
  • Buffing
    Final process is to polish the glass to a mirror gloss with ceriumu-containing buffing compound.
Edokiriko and alcoholic beverage

The culture of tasting alcoholic beverage exists in all ages. To drink wine, whiskey, beer and sake in their best way, each kind of drink has their perfect suited glasses. Glasses play an important role in enjoying the delicious drinks. Moreover, using gorgeous glasses were regarded as luxury in the ancient times.

Quallity worth the cost

What we sell at "Japan Artcraft" are Edokiriko which is made soley by hand. No two Edokirikos are exactly the same. It takes more than 10 years to learn the skills and techniques from the professors to be an Edokiriko craftworker. We have met many craftworkers but we qualified only one Edokiriko craftworker as our provider. We have thoroughly checked and verified his work to offer you the highest quality of Edokiriko.

Our Edokiriko's brightness can be preserved for the generations to come.